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The Beast Awakens: Male

Over one hundred years of celibacy were beginning to take its toll on Alucard. He had handled decently well during the first few decades or so, the experiments done on him and the many missions during World War II distracting his mind. However, the last few years with a female as his master were beginning to grate on his self-control, his body’s need finally showing its wants with a greater force than he’d known.

Perhaps this sudden urging to take a female was why he had created the young fledgling now in his care. He certainly couldn’t account for any other reason for so eagerly disobeying his master with such blatant disregard, and caring little for her anger afterwards. Stopping the pacing he had been doing in his chambers, he dwelled on the amusing, if naive, child. Her body was enticing, soft curves with large breasts and her small, pouting lips...

Alucard growled at his traitorous thoughts, shaking his head as he once more began walking the small room. However, he could think of no other solution to the current problem now beginning to stiffen between his legs, a frustrated growl coming from his lips. Then a slow grin crept across his face as he thought over the images flashing through his mind. Her writhing form beneath his as he thrust into her tight walls, being milked dry as she screamed his name in her release. His length throbbed painfully at the mere idea of taking the young virgin for his own.

And after all, Integra did call the Police Girl his toy and he wouldn’t want his master to be wrong, would he?

With a sadistic grin Alucard disappeared in a swirl of shadows and appeared in Seras’ chambers, his eyes widening in glee at the sight before him. The young woman had apparently been preparing for an early bed, her uniform hung over a chair while she stood in only her underclothes. Her back was turned to the vampire, showing him the flesh of her smooth hips and the small cheeks of her buttocks.

Seras was about to pull the nightshirt she held in her hands over her head when she heard a distinct growl from behind her. Turning quickly she stood still as she noticed her master looking at her with an intense gaze, his lips curled back in a feral smirk. She covered her revealing bra with her shirt as she noticed where his eyes lay, blushing under his careful scrutiny and managing to squeak out a question.

“M-master” she stuttered, trying to curb the shaking of her body. “W-what are y-you d-doing here?”

Alucard didn’t respond to the question as he began stalking toward the confused form of his fledgling, a large grin on his lips. Seras backed against the wall at the head of her bed, clutching the shirt tightly to herself as her eyes widening in fear. The emotions swirling about her master’s eyes frightened her with their intensity and hunger, the dominant feeling of lust drowning her thoughts with its longing as she tried to stay focused on reasoning with him. Her master surely did not plan what his eyes were showing her, did he?

Actions spoke louder than words as Seras tried to edge away from him, his hand reaching out and grabbing the inside of her thigh with tight reprimand. He snatched the shirt from her hands, intent on getting a full view of what he possessed; she did not disappoint him.

His hungry eyes roamed over the silky skin of the female, trailing his gaze from her smooth white hips up between the juncture of her thighs. He growled as the g-string she wore hugged her sex, the sight making him harden with excitement. His eyes traveled further upward, past the slim waist and flat stomach to the breasts bound by her silk bra. He took a step closer as he watched the pert nipples harden under his scrutiny, the fleshy orbs shivering as he pulled his head downward.

“Master!” Seras gasped, fisting her hands in his white shirt. She tried to push him away but stopped her struggling when he growled, opting to stiffen against his ministrations. Strange emotions were beginning to rise within her and she was slightly terrified of their intensity, though a sensual heat between her legs relaxed her being as her reasoning drifted off; allowing her instincts to take control.

Alucard sighed against her skin as he felt her indifference to his touches, pulling away to look into her eyes. He saw fear and confusion battling for dominance within her orbs, but he noticed an underlying current stirring within her. With a stunned jolt he realized the emotion was love, deep, unrestrained love. She cared deeply for him and the affection he was showing her opened the feeling to his curious eyes, leading him to wonder how he would now take this simple coupling with the rising complications.

Alucard softly nuzzled her neck as he thought of an answer to his problem, a soft moan jerking him from his soothing actions as he looked to Seras’ face. Her eyes were glazed over and her breathing was shallow, her hands having wandered to his back and pulling him closer to her without his knowing. He grinned at her fallen inhibitions, moving away from his fledgling and shrugging out of his trench coat. A soft chuckle rang through the room as he noticed her eager eyes on his body, many layers of clothing still separating him from the feel of her flesh.

He smirked as her eyes wandered down to the bulge beneath his pants, her red orbs widening at his obvious need to take her. Slowly he strode over to the trembling female, taking her in his arms as he pressed their lips together in a possessive kiss. His tongue pushed into her mouth as she gasped in surprise, tasting her warm cavern as he found a willing partner within. Their long tongues dueled with each other until she admitted defeat, allowing him to explore every crevice and cavity of her wet mouth.

He pulled away and picked her up bridal style, walking over to the bed and softly laying her on the covers. She squirmed as he stood back to look at her, her back arching pleadingly as she tempted him with her stiff peaks. He roughly growled at her need, leaning forward and sliding his body over hers as his mouth paid homage to her slender neck. His hands played soothing circles around the mounds of his mate before teasingly pinching her through the material. She moaned and jerked into his palms, allowing him to slide his hands beneath her and unclasp her bra. He flung the material away and stared hungrily at the now free breasts, lifting and lowering with every breath she took. His length pulsed with need at the sight and he pushed his aching manhood against her crotch, the thin layers of their clothes barriers from entering her. He growled in annoyance and tore the material away, eliciting a surprised gasp from his female as he cupped her innocence.

She wriggled against his touches, her hips pushing down to feel more of his torture as a finger played with her clit. He groaned when he felt how wet she was, her readiness to be taken pouring out of her in waves as her heat called to him. His digit slipped into her entrance and he hissed as her walls clamped tightly around the invader, her hands digging into his hair as she rocked against his hand.

She suddenly whimpered and pulled at his clothing, her eyes showing her need to feel his skin. He chuckled and nuzzled his nose against hers, his clothes suddenly disappearing from around his body and into a portal. His female rubbed her nude body against his own and eagerly slid her hands over his bulging muscles, brushing against his nipples and eliciting a hiss from his mouth. He pulled her arms above her head as he bit her neck enough to cause blood, feeling her squirm with impatience as he lapped at the sweet droplets pouring from the wound. He released his hold on her and began trailing heated kisses down her body, his hands cupping her swollen breasts as he teased one of the ridged peaks with a flick of his tongue. She let out a crying mew as he took the treat into his mouth, enjoying the taste of her body as he suckled her pointed tip. His mouth moved lower as his hands grasped her thighs, opening her to him as he nuzzled the curly tuft of hair between her legs. Her scent was overpowering as her fluids soaked the dark curls, his eyes closing as he inhaled the delicate aroma of her essence as she moaned her pleasure.

One long lick against her clit silenced the female beneath him, a sharp gasp ringing around the room as her innocent eyes widened. He repeated the process with his long muscle, earning a soft moan and his own body responding by tightening his already rigid cock. He growled low at his little lover, enjoying the taste of her as he spread her thighs wider apart. The taste of her was heavenly as he plunged his tongue into her folds, lapping at her juices as he licked the side of her walls. Her inner muscles squeezed him as he began thrusting into her sheath with long, deep strokes, her pitch increasing until she was nearly screaming.

Then did he pull away from her body, licking his lips with a contented growl. Seras moaned at the loss of his warmth as he slowly moved over her body, pressing his chest against her breasts as he settled the tip of his cock against her entrance. The heat of her called out to him to become one, to join their bodies and rut until their climaxes took them to the height of pleasure. Without warning he thrust hard into his female, breaking through her proof of virginity and burying himself deep within her folds. The woman beneath him let out a painful cry as her inner muscles tensed, bringing a groan from him as he tried not to start pounding into her tight sheath. After a few impatient moments of stillness he finally felt her shift around him, a hiss escaping his lips as her walls sensuously rubbed against his manhood. He slowly pulled out and pushed back into the tightness, groaning as her walls welcomed him with eagerness.

He heard a moan from his female and knew she was enjoying the sensations as much as he was, her face flushed and her breathing quickening as he repeated the process. His hard, heated length pulsed with the slow pace he was keeping, demanding harder thrusts into her wet sheath. After a few minutes he felt her join him in their love making, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper within her. They rocked in unison as their bodies glowed with sweat, their growls and moans echoing around them in a heated mantra of sex and blood. Soon the sound of flesh slapping against flesh resounded in the air, rutting frantically against each other as their voices grew louder with the coming release.

He felt and saw her moving toward her climax as her eyes slammed shut and her body stiffened, her back arching as her nails dug into his back and scenting their love making with blood. Her walls tensed around his throbbing sword as she hit her peek, throwing her head back in ecstasy as she screamed his name to the heavens. Alucard’s eyes glowed a blinding red as she squeezed him unmercifully, trapping his length within her pulsing folds as her warm fluids rushed around him.

“Mine” he rasped as he thrust one last time, his body stiffening with the force of his release as his seed spilled into her body. He collapsed atop her still shaking body, exhausted from their coupling and basking in the scent of their quickly cooling bodies.

After a few minutes he rolled to his back, taking her with him as he settled her compliant body on top of his own. He groaned as she shifted against him, his member still locked deep inside her and her walls stroking him. Seras answered his unspoken need with a low moan, her hands reaching down to grasp his hips as she felt him give a small thrust into her core. He growled in her ear, nipping at the tender flesh as he twisted her around so her back lay against his chest. The action caused her sheath to shift around his length, a sharp gasp escaping from his lips as his eyes widened from the feeling of her tightness milking him.

He suddenly shifted their bodies so he loomed over her, his body pressed against her own as he wrapped an arm around her waist. Pushing up with his free hand and lifting her at the same time, he knelt on his knees behind her while his female was on all fours. Releasing his grip on her slim waist and placing his hands on either side of hers, he growled his pleasure at the new position. His female answered his call with a pleading whimper, moving beneath him and urging him to begin their coupling once more.

He happily complied with her wishes, thrusting hard into her pulsing core and groaning at the deep penetration. His instincts took control as he pounded into her quivering sheath, his husky pants mingling with hers as their sweat covered bodies rubbed against each other. He could feel the female shuddering hard as her climax hit her senses, her sheath clenching his engorged length as he jerked hard into her tight, wet core. Finally his own release came, burying his member into her heated body and shooting his seed deep within her womb.

He collapsed atop her, panting from his climax as he felt her do the same. Shifting so he lay on his side and without removing himself from her wet sheath, he pulled her against him and nuzzled her hair. He would have gladly continued the pleasuring but noticed with a small laugh the even breathing from his female; she had fallen asleep as the sun had risen. With his thoughts he moved a sheet over their nude bodies, affectionately nuzzling his face into her neck as he allowed himself to join her in slumber.