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The Beast Awakens: Female

Seras tossed in her coffin bed, sweat rolling down her face as she attempted to will herself to fall asleep. She had been having strange....urges, to move around the mansion, to find something with which to relieve herself of this growing hunger. The young vampire knew one day she would fail at her task to hold the beast at bay, near constant attacks on her subconscious every waking hour and tonight was no different. Her prowling urge was unusually strong tonight, perhaps because she had begun to drink her blood on a more daily basis.

As Seras rolled over for what seemed like the thousandth time, she let a low groan out at the heat flowing between her thighs. She desperately wanted to relieve this feeling, the monster within telling her the pain would go away if she would only listen. For once in her span of life Seras felt like giving in to the demands of her young body, obviously hungering for what she had long denied herself.

Why not? Seras asked herself, staring at the lid to her coffin. What am I fighting exactly? Myself?

Those few words crumbled her remaining barrier, her eyes flashing a bright red as she slowly slid off her bed on all fours. The female lifted her head, sniffing the air around her for a prospective male to couple with. To her horror she caught the many scents of humans surrounding her, their foul stench clogging her nose and causing her to silently gag. She growled her displeasure until a pleasant scent wafted across a cool draft, power and blood pressed together in a seductive mix. A strong male vampire lay near, his will almost beckoning her to his presence.

Creeping along the floor she exited her room and turned her steps toward the delicious smell, the scent leading her deeper into the underground she found herself in. She eventually came upon an unusual door, markings made of blood crossing the portal in loops and words. The power they emanated caused a hiss to escape her lips, remnants of the binding spell still present upon the dried liquid and creating discomfort in her mind. However, as the musk scent of her prey leaked under the door and once more assaulted her nose, she gave the designs one last fleeting glance and a snarl before slowly inching her way through the thick door. A grin crept across her face as she noticed the male sitting casually in a tall chair, the furniture turned toward her as she entered the small room. So he had sensed her coming? She smirked, knowing she had chosen her mating partner well.

A grin crept across Alucard’s face as he watched his innocent fledgling move through the door and into his chambers, every bit the predator in the hunt. He had removed his coat and hat when he sensed something...amiss, within the confines of the mansion. The darkened eyes of his child showed him her demon had finally awakened for some fun, and he was more than prepared. At least, until she started crawling toward him... 

The heated female lowered herself to the floor, a sign of interest as she slowly slid along the cool ground toward her chosen mate. She could see the male’s eyes widen as she approached, a purr rumbling through her throat as she reached his crossed legs. Rising to her knees, she began rubbing her face against the smooth texture of his pants, her hands sliding beneath the cloth and making their way along the rippling muscles. A groan escaped her lips as her fingers glided over the smooth flesh, her nails lightly scratching the skin as she began to nip through the thin pants.

Alucard smirked at her pleased sound, unwinding his legs and patting his lap. She inched her body up his, brushing her breasts and curves against his toned body. A seductive growl escaped her lips as her hands came in contact with a distinct bulge, her fingers dancing over the straining material as a low moan escaped her mate’s pale lips. She gave him a toothy smile, leaning her head close as she nuzzled the growing bulge affectionately. Nipping at the material earned her a pleasurable growl from her partner and she ceased her ministrations, crawling onto his legs.

The young vampire straddled his lap, a feral grin on her face as she slowly leaned her body forward. Alucard hissed as he felt her hips moved against his own, his length twitching with painful intensity as he fought down the sudden waves of arousal. He grabbed her thighs and stopped her movement, his blood red eyes looking down at the wild features of his child. Her answering purr to his obvious attentions to her actions broke his restraint.

With a sharp growl Alucard leaned down and took her lips against his, possessively holding her in place while his fangs nicked her slick mouth. He sucked gently at the blood flowing from the two wounds, a hiss escaping his own lips as he felt her hands at the buttons to his shirt. Her impatient fingers suddenly ripped open a large gap in the annoying cloth, allowing her small, bare hands to run down his chiseled muscles. She explored every part of him, sliding sensually slow along his heated skin as her fingers felt the shiver of his flesh under her soft ministrations. She came across the hard tips of his male nipples, a moan slipping into her heated mouth as she gently ran her fingernails over the nubs.

Alucard’s hands wandered up her back as their lips continued to duel, catching the curves of her breasts and moving to the front of the nightshirt she wore. He cupped the large mounds of stiffening flesh and began squeezing them gently, his thumbs brushing over the hardened peaks. The female arched into his touches, her mouth leaving his as her breaths became throaty pants of need. She whined and ground her wet center against his thrumming organ, the thin cloth of the night shirt soaked through with her juices.

Alucard’s eyes widened as he felt her essence against his arousal, a groan sounding throughout the room. He merely watched as the eager female began tearing at his shirt, her fangs bared as she finally succeeded in ripping away the intrusive material. She sighed as her mouth latched around a pink bud, gently sucking at the nipple as her hands wandered down to his belt. The elder vampire gave a small thrust as her hands glided over the large bulge straining to be released, to join her heat and bury itself as deep as possible into her wet channel. Quickly unclasping the buckle she slowly slid the rope from around her waist, her fingers dipping below the waistline of his pants as Alucard’s hands slid down to her inner thighs.

Alucard allowed his fingers to caress the smooth skin of her bare bottom, a feral grin appearing on his lips as his hands began an upward journey, taking the thin cotton with them. The female complied, pushing away from his chest and lifting her arms up momentarily to allow him to pull the shirt over her head. Her bare breasts shown out at him, bouncing as she resumed her task of slipping her hands into his pants. His labored breathing caught as he felt her take him into a heated hand, a hiss escaping his lips as she began to slowly stroke him.

The female grinned at her pleasuring of her chosen mate, purring as her unoccupied hand pulled his pants down as far as the seat would allow. Her eyes widened at the size of him, his tip glistening in the dim light and his arousal standing to full attention. She slid off his lap, careful not to lose her grip on his length, and kneeled between his now open legs. Reaching up she grasped her other hand around the throbbing arousal, the heat and stiff silk soft as she began stroking him carefully.

Seeing him lean his head back and jerk his hips forward, the young female decided to go a little further. Leaning closer, she tentatively licked the twitching flesh, the sudden thrust of his hips showing her how well he had liked her action. Grinning she slowly slid her tongue along his throbbing length, licking the sacs nestled amongst the dark curls at the base. Her mate groaned in response, his hands fisting in her hair as her mouth descended upon his tip. She lapped slowly at the salty liquid dangling from his opening, tingling her tongue as she swallowed the delicious treat. She carefully closer her warm cavern around his manhood, beginning to suck on the heated arousal as her teeth nipped at the sensitive flesh, her long tongue licking the sensitive tip. She could feel his hips jerking in a faster rhythm, his release coming soon as she swallowed as much of his length as she could. Wrapping her tongue tightly around his thrumming length, she gave one last shivering purr and gave a rough jerk forward. A hot fire ran into her mouth as a hoarse grunt was ripped from her mate’s throat, the juices sliding down her throat and warming her cool body.

Finally feeling she had earned her partner’s approval she crawled back into his lap, mindful to brush her core against his limp organ. She smirked as he twitched beneath her, his arousal heating once more at the promise of her wet channel. Alucard gripped her hips harshly as she purred against his chest, rubbing her wetness into his length and causing the flames of desire to rise once more. She pulled back and slowly licked her lips, her tongue dragging along the dainty fangs as she leaned down and nuzzled his neck.

The female gave one last chaste kiss as she lifted her hips and slowly slipped down his length, frowning as a resistance met the descent. Alucard growled at the interruption and quickly thrust upward, breaking her virginal barrier and renting a painful howl from the woman on his lap. She clenched her jaw and buried her head into his chest, whining softly from the shattering pain. Her mate slowly lifted her off his stiff length and carefully brought her down in one long, deep stroke. She shivered as his manhood brushed against her clit, the heat in her center pooling into fiery liquid as she eagerly began following his movements.

The two vampires began a steady rhythm, their slick bodies leisurely rubbing against one another as the female curled her bare legs around his waist. The simple act drove him deeper into her sheath, causing the speed to increase as Alucard pushed himself as far as he could into the wet, tight channel. The female cried out her pleasure, matching his actions and entwining her arms around his shoulders as she began moving her own hips to their love making. Soon she could feel a tightening in her stomach as his length slid against her pulsing walls, the ache between her thighs building as her nails dug into her lover’s back. Alucard hissed at the pain pleasure and thrust hard into her channel, his length throbbing with the hope of release as her fluids now came in tidal waves over his stiff manhood.

Suddenly the female began thrashing against her mate, the climax reaching her senses as her stomach muscles convulsed deep within her body. She threw her head back and screamed as a bright light exploded in her eyes, her skin set aflame as her lover thrust deep, long strokes into her tight sheath. He joined her as her walls tightly constricted his length, giving one last jerk of his hips as he pulled her down upon him, renting a deep growl from his mouth and causing him to spill within her waiting womb.


The two vampires merely lay against one another, the first to recover from their fun being Seras. She nuzzled her head against Alucard’s bare chest, feeling the heat between her thighs slowly rise once more. With a grin reminiscent of her master’s spreading across her face, she concentrated on the large bed to the right of where they sat; the night was too early to cease their mating.

Alucard was both surprised and amused when he suddenly found himself beneath his purring child, Seras having moved them from the chair to the bed with the use of a portal. A growl escaped his lips as she began rocking her hips against his own, his quiet length hardening with her teasing movements. He was about to grasp her gyrating thighs and thrust into her when he found his hands occupied by hers, his arms pinned to the side as she slowed her pace. She was showing him the punishment for rushing her, and though he knew he could easily break her grip Alucard decided to see what his naughty kitten would do.

Seras groaned as she felt his length engorge within her, bucking her hips and hearing a groan from her mate. She slowly lowered herself to his bare chest, her breasts rubbing leisurely against his hardened male nipples as she began moving her hips faster. Licking the twitching muscles beneath caused Alucard to jerk his hips upward, fully sheathing his length within her tight walls as a gasp was ripped from her parted lips. She released his hands and brought her own against his throbbing muscles, her nails scratching the slick muscles as she slammed herself down upon his manhood.

Alucard growled as her inner muscles clenched his length, the heat and wetness of her walls milking him for his seed. His hands dug into the sheets beneath him, his fangs bared as his eyes flared with the approaching climax. His hips frantically thrust upward as her sheath began throbbing around his painfully hardened length, hisses escaping his lips as she moved against his wild jerks.

She howled as her release came upon her once again, Alucard arching into her as her muscles tightened with the flood of her essence around his tense manhood. She felt his hands clench her waist as he thrust one final time, a warmth spilling into her as his body collapsed beneath her.

Seras slumped against her master’s chest, giving an exhausted smirk as she felt his own erratic breaths. She suddenly blushed at the compromising position they were in, their bodies still deeply joined at the hip, and the memories of what they had done.

“Um, Master?” Seras hesitantly asked.

“Yes, Police Girl?” Alucard replied.

“I-I don’t think anyone should, um, find out about...this” Seras spoke, her face reddening at the thought.

“Indeed” he said, a low chuckle following.