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Sinful Showers

Alucard growled quietly as he fazed into his chambers, seating himself roughly into his high-back chair. His hands clenched and unclenched as his eyes narrowed to stare daggers at the wall before him. He would never had expected his fledgling to be so disobedient as what she had performed earlier!

The Hellsing Organization had been called out to deal with reports of several missing persons in a small hamlet north of London, the call coming in directly from MI-5. The local and surrounding police stations, as was usual for such cases, had investigated and also disappeared. Alucard had been amused by the turn of events, the scene playing out exactly as the Cheddar incident.

Seras, however, had been unusually quiet during the journey to their destination, saying neither a word before nor after the drive inside the transport vehicle. She had merely nodded and saluted when given her orders upon arrival, moving off with her harkonnen and a pistol full of silver bullets.

Alucard had been hoping for a little fun, the distinct lack of very many ghouls showing the possibility of a strong vampire. The elder vampire had caught his prey among a small grove of trees to the west of the attacked hamlet, the new vampire apparently leisurely waiting for someone to find him as he had been leaning against a tree. No pleasantries had been exchanged between the two, merely an appraisal by each and an agreeing nod from both.

However, Alucard had not even been able to begin to test the vampire’s strength when a shot had rang out through the woods. With a snarl he had watched the nosferatu turn to dust, the single blessed, silver bullet which had killed it dropping to the ground with the ash. He had turned with fury toward whomever had taken his game and had been slightly surprised to see his fledgling.

Seras stood in the shadows beyond the line of trees, her eyes narrowed and an almost cold look on her face. Her gaze had been locked on the pile of dust until a shout from behind caught both vampires’ attentions, signaling the rest of the troops had destroyed the few ghouls wandering around. She silently turned from the sight, reholstering the gun, and proceeded back to the vehicles without a look over her shoulder; leaving the elder vampire snarling in indignation for his taken prey.

Which now brought Alucard to such a dark state as he stalked the halls of the Hellsing Mansion. The troops, along with Seras, had arrived barely an hour ago, meaning he had yet to create suitable retribution. With a final growl he sent his mind out to find his fledgling, finally succeeding in locating her in the basement. By her thoughts she was preparing for a shower after the mission.

A slow grin spread across the vampire’s face as the possibilities arose in his mind. What better way to punish his fledgling than to humiliate her human sense of privacy? He would not only be giving punishment for her insolence, but he would also be chipping away one more semblance of her human existence by breaking her sense of control over the little time she had to herself.

With a final dark chuckle Alucard disappeared in a swirl of dark tendrils, appearing within seconds within the showers reserved for the troops. With the late hour, and possibly the knowledge of the female vampire in the room, there was no one else within the bathroom. A quick search of the large area produced his target, the last shower stall being fogged by hot running water.

Alucard noiselessly strode over to the stall, his eyes sweeping over the dirty and fresh clothes stacked nearby for only a moment before returning his attention to his goal. He stopped before the glass, unable to see anything but the dark outline of a figure beyond. Seras, obviously unaware of his presence, stood beneath the warm water, a hand reaching out to a high shelf and grabbing what appeared to be a bottle of shampoo. He watched with infinite patience as she applied the substance, waiting until she had succeeded in laving her hair and suddenly shifting into mist.

Seras sighed with relief, her eyes closed as she lathered the shampoo to her satisfaction. With a frown of puzzlement she suddenly felt a cold chill traveling across her legs, but ignored the feeling as she stepped blindly toward the still running water. However, her progress was stopped by a large, unmoving object before her, confusion rising within her as took a short step backward. She squinted open her eyes, focusing her fuzzy vision on what blocked her much-wanted washing. At the sight of a red jacket her orbs shot open, her back slamming against the wall as she vainly attempted to cover herself with her arms.

“Master!” Seras yelled indignantly, attempting to rush out of the shower. Her path, however, was quickly blocked by a single long arm across the door, a small squeak of nervousness escaping from her lips as her eyes quickly turned toward the elder vampire.

Alucard chuckled quietly as he watched his fledgling’s red orbs grow wider by the moment, almost seeming to defy the laws of physical ability. Slowly, to more enjoy the punishment, he shifted his entire body so he now stood before the door of the stall, completely blocking her way out. His amusement grew as Seras pushed herself further away from him, her arms still futilely attempting to cover her body from his gaze.

“It’s time for your punishment, Police Girl” Alucard spoke in a low, menacing tone. His grin widened at the change of his child’s expression, realizing his fun could possibly exceed his expectations. However, at the same time he was slightly vexed as her face showed her obvious unawareness to what he alluded.

“Hunh?” Seras questioned in confusion, her embarrassment forgotten for a moment as she tried to comprehend what she had done wrong. Her mood, however, quickly returned as her master, rather than responding, took a step toward her. “What in the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?!” she yelled accusingly, forgetting to whom she was speaking.

Alucard inwardly growled at Seras’ lack of respect, reminding himself she would need a further reprimand later. He had allowed her too long a leash during the last months and tonight’s permanent interruption of his amusement was the culmination of his spoiling of her. For now, though, he would have his justice by her utter humiliation, first beginning with her modesty.

“I am doing what a master has privilege to do” Alucard whispered lowly, inching noticeably closer toward her. “You spoiled this evening’s fun for your Master and now I am here to collect my due.”

Seras gulped loudly, her eyes flitting between the large figure of her master and the blocked way of escape. She had never seen Alucard so intent upon causing her harm and the thought of him performing any punishment upon her was terrifying, ghastly images appearing in her mind at the possibilities. With her supernatural healing she would survive most torture any human could not, meaning physical punishment brought by the elder vampire would be painful yet she would not be released by death.

Alucard grinned as he read Seras’ thoughts, pleased at her fear radiating from her mind. For encouragement he allowed his arm to move away from the door, giving her a deceptive sign of freedom. The hopeful look in his fledgling’s eyes was well worth the action, her body slowly drifting toward the now open exit. However, he allowed her only a moment of promise before suddenly reaching out a single, gloved hand and trapping her chin between his fingers.

Seras jerked in Alucard’s hold, trying to move from him but unable to break his powerful grip. A small gasp of pain was rent from her as he tightened his hold, grinning madly as the indents of his fingers began to appear upon her skin. For the first time, however, the master vampire noted how smooth her skin was, plaint and seeming to mold to his long fingers. Before he knew what he was doing his traitorous hand slowly began to travel down the younger vampire’s pale throat, eliciting a surprised gasp from Seras.

With a silent snarl Alucard snatched his hand back, his eyes slitted as he stared at the still startled face of his fledgling. With a cunning grin, however, he saw his chance to create some fun while humiliating Seras, a doubled prize for him. After all, virgins were the most humorous to play with when sexual matters arose.

The sight of her naked body was now more than slightly distracting, especially when her breathing grew more erratic. However, Alucard firmly remained angered, slamming his fist against the tiles beside Seras’ head. He grinned as her eyes shown with fear, retracting his hand from the now broken ceramic squares. His fledgling edged farther away from him, apparently not noticing as the chipped tiles cut her skin. The smell of blood flooded the elder vampire’s nose and he stilled for a moment.

Seras stopped moving as her master’s nostrils suddenly flared, his eyes almost glowing in the dim light of the shower. Then did she realize her back was pushed against the damaged tiles and she went to move toward the still streaming water to wash the blood even she now smelled. However, her efforts were blocked by Alucard’s arm suddenly beside her, frightening her even more than before.

“M-master?” Seras asked cautiously, noticing the strange look on Alucard’s face. She nearly shrieked in fear and surprise as a hiss escaped his lips, jumping back in alarm as he took a step toward her. The young vampire was now trapped in a corner, the elder vampire’s body mere inches from her own. “Could I please leave?” she begged, squirming under his gaze.

“No” Alucard bluntly refused, grinning widely at his trembling prey. He was quite enjoying the fun of his torture, but the amusement he felt now could still not compensate for what he had lost. “You still need your punishment” he whispered, his fangs lengthening as his warm breath drifted over Seras’ face.

Seras shivered as the heated air glided over her skin, mixing sensually with the steam of running water. Her eyelids felt heavy as a fog seemed to drift over her mind, her hands spread against the wet tiles as her blood slowly traveled down the wall. The young woman’s breathing quickened as she noticed the feral gleam in her master’s eyes, as she felt the closeness of his male body against her own. She tried to shake off the emotions which were rising within her, attempting to focus on the dire situation in which she now found herself a captor. The punishment her sire promised would be harsh, and she wished to avoid the physical consequences which would come soon.

“Perhaps I should choose many” he suggested, his hand reaching down and trailing a finger through the thin line of blood beneath Seras’ fingertips. He raised the red liquid to his lips, his tongue slowly gliding over his coated digits. “Delicious” he complimented, chuckling lightly as a devious plan formed in his mind.

Seras blinked as Alucard’s clothing slowly melted from his body like the water running down his skin, revealing his pale flesh as a blush arose to her cheeks. Her eyes inadvertently wandered southward as she distinctly felt something hard press against her belly, her red orbs widening in embarrassment as she looked upon her master’s swollen manhood. The young virgin’s head whipped upward as a choked sound escaped her lips, her body trembling in fear at what the elder vampire planned.

“Now, Seras” Alucard cooed, grinning widely at her wild expression. “Obey your master and you will feel little harm” he soothed, one hand reaching up to stroke her red cheek.

Seras shook her head in silent protest as the steamy air around them mixed with dark shadows emanating from Alucard’s body, enveloping them in another world. The young woman gasped as she felt a tendril brush against her heated core, her legs collapsing beneath her from the sudden wave of pleasure. She felt herself caught by the elder vampire’s shadows, being lifted to her feet against the cool wall as several other dark vines wrapped around her body.

“Please” she begged, tears of fear sliding down her face. “Please don’t.”

“Quiet” Alucard whispered, chuckling quietly. “You may enjoy this” he answered, his words lending little comfort to the terrified fledgling.

Seras closed her eyes as she tried to block the feel of Alucard’s other hand slowly sliding up her thigh. Her breathing was growing rapid as her hands balled up into fists, her anger rising at the violation of her body. The young woman bit her lip as his fingers traveled along her inner leg, the tips brushing the curly locks between her legs. At the sensation of her hand probing with more insistence to her heated area her eyes snapped open, their depths full of disgust and anger.

“Stop it!” she argued, slapping his intrusive fingers away as she attempted to slide around his body. She growled in annoyance as he effortlessly blocked her way, his eyes full of amusement at her challenge. “Let me go or I’ll tell Sir Integra” she threatened, standing straight and tall in her defiance.

“Tattle telling on your master, Seras?” Alucard asked in disdain, his mood suddenly turning sour. His tendrils whipped about them angrily, though they soon calmed to a more seductive pace. “But I see you aren’t telling the truth to yourself” he perceived, his grin once more widening.

“What are you talking about?” Seras quizzically replied, her eyes blinking in confusion.

“Let me show you” her sire soothed, moving closer to his reluctant partner.

Seras pushed herself back against the wall, her eyes wide but her curiosity reflected in their depths. She shuddered as the tentacles wrapped gently around her thighs, the darkness squeezing her soft flesh in appreciation as several loose strands of shadow began climbing further up her legs. The young virgin gasped as one of Alucard’s hands came up to cup a luscious breast, his fingers teasing its peak with sensual insistence.

Alucard grinned ferally at Seras’ positive reactions to his touches, his other hand coming up to stroking her stomach. His black tendrils snaked around her waist, avoiding the area he most wanted to explore. The elder vampire removed his hand and pressed his stiff length against her stomach, the friction increasing the aching within his body. He hissed as he felt a slender hand slide around his hip, its touch delicate and unsure.

Seras could hardly believe her actions as she raised her arm and wrapped it around Alucard, her other hand pressed against the wall to steady her shaking form. Her breath was racing as her master’s tendrils closed in on her heated core, the thin shadows brushing against the curls between her legs. She bit her lip as a single dark tentacle pressed against her, the power pulsing as it slowly began rubbing itself back and forth.

Alucard felt the wetness between her legs and growled his approval, his free hand reaching up to steady her hips as he pressed more insistently against her silky body. Seras arched her back and groaned as her heat began to rise, growing with each stroke of the vampire’s tendrils. The elder reached down and clutched her buttocks with both hands, swiftly lifting her off the ground as his shadows kept her in place against the wall.

Seras’ eyes widened as she felt the tip of his manhood brush against her curls, her hands reaching up to grasp Alucard’s shoulders. She shut her eyes tightly, awaiting the pain she knew would come as her sire began to push into her wet core. The virgin bit her lips to strangle her cry of pain as he thrust past her barrier, deeply penetrating her as her fingernails dug into his skin. She let out a gasp as he slowly began a sensual rhythm of rocking against her quivering form, her own hips matching his as they pressed against each other in unison.

Alucard quickly grew weary of the aching cautious pace, his lips turning up in a growl as he pushed more forcefully into his mate. She hissed as he grew more insistent, her breasts tempting before his eyes. He pressed his lips against one of their rough peaks, suckling hard as their speed grew furious and the sounds of moaning and groaning filled the small shower. He could feel his approach coming as her walls began to squeeze him tighter, bringing him ever closer as his length grew unbearably stiff.

Seras thrashed about as the pleasure of their mating pushed her into a frenzy, her hands clawing at Alucard’s back as he bit into her breast. She arched her head and screamed as the pulsing between her legs reached their height, forcing her into an orgasm of sheer ecstasy as he madly thrust into her clinging core. The woman felt him press into her one final time as his hands dug deeply into her sides, the pain ignored as she fell into a paradise of wave after wave of seductive power.

The two vampires collapsed upon each other as Alucard’s shadows slowly receded into his body, the shower turned off by one of the last to disappear. The steam rose around the exhausted couple, their breaths heavy as the sire slowly pulled himself out of his consort. He chuckled as he slowly let her down to the ground, her feet unsteady as she held onto the wall for support.

“Did I not tell you the punishment would be enjoyable?” he teased, chuckling as his clothes appeared on his body.

Seras blushed and slowly stepped out of the shower, quickly finding her own clothes and covering her body. She tried not to look at her master as she stepped toward the door of the bathroom, but a presence over her shoulder alerted her to his nearness.

“Perhaps another time will come for more punishment” Alucard whispered in her ear as he slowly disappeared, leaving her alone in the steam drenched room.

Seras smiled to herself as she thought of his words, her eyes closing as she shook her head. Perhaps she should disobey her master more often...