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Midnight Chase

The high moon shone over the lonely woods, showing the time to be a mere few minutes before the witching hour. Such a time of night was to be feared among the local villagers living in the shadows of the desolate castle in the distance. The lord and master of the lands ruled from the formidable structure, his will unquestioned and his justice swift. He had watched over his possessions since long before the elders could recall, a monster who passed time without aging, some said.

Though to dare say such in Lord Alucard’s presence would mean instant death. He sought and demanded complete obedience from his subjects, nothing else would do. They willingly complied, fearing his wrath and unnatural power. Many who had dared defy him had been found with their bodies drained of their life blood, or they would simply disappear. Neither of the prospects for impudence were agreeable to the villagers, so they chose to obey the laws and speak rarely of their strange lord.

One of the many laws which had been around for time out of mind was quite unusual. No one was allowed in the woods after nightfall, the punishment being death for the transgression. No soul questioned the logic behind such an order, always minding the time of day when traveling through the overgrown canopies and never straying from the path.

But this night was different from the others. The silence of the night was broken repeatedly by a string of low curses as a small figure made their way through the thick underbrush. Seras muttered to herself, berating her stupidity thoroughly as she tried not to stumble in the near pitch darkness. She had gotten lost gathering many wild herbs growing deep within the forest’s depths, and had difficulty finding the trail again. The young girl had always strayed too long in the woods, often leaving the lush areas with the setting sun at her back.

But such was the life of this small servant, indentured eternally to the ruling boier of the nearby village. She had been orphaned at a young age, her parents the victims of the plague constantly sweeping among the lower peoples. The herbs had been ordered gathered by the master himself and she, being the most knowledgeable of the vast forest’s trails, had been summoned and sent on her journey. Unfortunately, the craving of the master had been at a strange hour and the sun had already begun its downward path to the horizon. The lateness of the forced hunt caused darkness to sneak upon Seras, who was threatened with beating if she were to return with an empty basket.

So here she was, struggling with the plain hem of her dress against the low branches of a wild rose bush. Freeing herself from the retched plant, she noticed the forest thinning and the trees opening before her. Reaching the outskirts of an unfamiliar meadow, she gasped in surprise.

A lone figure stood in the middle of the low grass, their back turned to the young woman. By the broad shoulders and hardened form, she knew the person to be male. A long black cloak covered his lean body, brushing the ground around his tall stature. He appeared to be looking at the moon, his face tilted up and his head turned toward the silver orb.

Unfortunately, Seras’ startled exclamation attracted the man’s attention and he turned his face toward her direction. The young woman gasped as she beheld two blazing eyes staring at her figure, their cold and angered depths quickly telling her of her mistake in disturbing the person’s meditation. Then fear gripped her heart as she realized whom she had stumbled upon. The Lord Alucard himself, deep within his forests and in the middle of the night.

Seras turned away from the hellish figure and fled back into the depths of the now welcomed woods, dropping her acquired herbs in the process. Her thoughts were passing too fast to think coherently, merely one idea clinging to her consciousness. She needed to distance herself from the monster she had seen. Though running was possibly a futile attempt to escape her punishment by his hands, she would not give in so easily to her panic.

Seras suddenly stumbled over a tree root, falling to the ground in a heavy heap. She heard the sound of her patched dress tearing and felt the cool air slide up the newly made slit to her thighs. Scrambling to her feet, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and a hand covered her mouth. With her screams muffled, she was dragged back against a solid chest and distinctly felt the strength beneath the cloak.

“You dare travel through my woods in the night?”

Seras abruptly stopped her struggles at the cold voice, her eyes widening in fear as she felt a cool breath upon her neck. Her body began to quiver as she stiffened in the lord’s arms, her heart pounding loudly in her ears and tears forming in her eyes. A few murmured words passed the barrier of his hand, and he removed the gag to allow her to speak.

“Please, I beg my lord’s forgiveness. I lost my way and have been unable to find the path to my village” Seras explained in one quick breath. She knew the words to be lame, but the truth usually was made of such simple facts. She held her breath for the longest moment, fearing he would not believe her, and then cause her great and undeserved harm.

“If this is true, what punishment shall I give to teach you to be more wary of the way?” A low chuckle from behind caused shivers to run down her spine as her body unconsciously wiggled in his grasp. “Perhaps you have given me an idea” the lord spoke again, pressing her further into his form.

Seras froze as she felt them leave the ground and rise above the trees, shutting her eyes at the height. She knew then he was truly a monster with strange powers, a being who knew no laws of nature and man. But what idea of punishment she had shown him was a mystery to her fluttered thoughts, as she breathed a sigh of relief when she once more felt the earth beneath her feet.

Alucard slowly released the girl from his grasp, sating his curiosity. He wished to see if she would run from his presence, especially after such a performance as he had just given. Amusement filled his being when she merely stood where left, her body shaking and practically radiating fear. She either was too foolish to run or knew the wisdom of remaining where he had set her. Slowly walking around her tiny form, he appraised her looks with a keen eye. Her blond hair was certainly unusual for the people of his domain, the bright blue of her downcast eyes only adding to the uncommon appearance. His eyes widened slightly at the young woman’s ample bosom and more so toward the state of her dress, the slit showing the shapely length of her leg.

By the look of her poor clothes, Alucard assumed her to be the rank of a servant. He had seen her drop a basket full of many herbs and gathered she had been doing a chore for her master. He silently thanked the foolish boier for forcing the girl out at the hour he had, because she would now prove to be an interesting distraction from the boredom which had been plaguing him of late.

Stopping his pacing before her down turned face, Alucard reached down and settled a finger under her chin. Lifting her eyes to his own, he now noticed a faint look of curiosity within their depths, possibly arising from his subdued manner so far in their encounter.

Lord forgive me, but he is the devil himself! Seras silently thought, blushing at his appearance. The shining black hair perfectly settled around his perfectly formed face, the low brows somewhat risen in amusement. Thin, pale cheeks lay on either side of his face, the sharp nose adding to his aristocratic appearance. His blood red eyes startled her from her silent appraisal, making her flinch from his grasp and look once more to the ground.

Alucard raised an elegant eyebrow at her lack of respect, refusing to meet his eyes when he had expressly shown his wish. This little one showed some promise for a most interesting evening, if her sanity will last through what he had planned.

“Do you know what I wish, servant?” he asked, noticing her flinch from his unemotional tone.

“I do not, milord” Seras answered honestly, keeping her eyes down. Her confusion was growing with the master’s strange taste of torture, showing her his devil-gained powers and then softly lifting her head. However, a voice in her mind began to warn her of coming danger, telling her to be wary of the man before her.

“Then I will show you” Alucard replied, moving closer to her cowering form. He slowly ran a hand along the low collar of her dress, idly playing with the pulsing artery and grinning at the sound of her heart rate increasing.

Seras’ eyes widened when the situation hit her now clearing thoughts and she took several steps back from his arms, quickly lifting her head from the ground. She could see the controlled lust in the red eyes and shivered under his gaze, clutching her hands protectively against her chest.

“Please don’t milord” Seras pleaded, closing her eyes to the sight of him. She knew if he wished to ravish her she would be powerless to stop him and possibly make matters worse by struggling against his advances. The only chance she had was to appeal to his mercy and hope the monster before her was human after all.

Alucard smirked and quickly stepped toward Seras before she could move away, grabbing her waist and pulling her toward him. Bending low over her surprised form, he brushed his mouth against her ear and thrilled at the small shiver which ran through her body. He tightened his hold when he felt her try to pull away, chuckling low and nuzzling her hair.

“Before I am done, you will be begging me to take you” he whispered.

Seras’ eyes widened as the words left his mouth. She knew now he had no intention of releasing her, regardless of whatever plea she made. The young woman renewed her struggle with more effort, nearly crying from the complete lack of success for her efforts. When he pulled her body flush against his she finally broke and settled her head on the front of his cloak. She could barely feel heat from his form, another sign of the unnatural being holding her within his arms.

“” she whispered into his chest, her sobs and the cloth muffling her words.

“Shhh” Alucard soothed, moving one of his hands to her back. “You will enjoy this” he continued, nuzzling her hair as his hand freely roamed her body.

Reaching the collar to her dress, he slid a sharpened nail across the fabric and down her back. Slightly pulling their bodies apart, he let the cloth slide to the ground in an ugly heap and stared at the young woman before him. His eyes wandered across her tear stained face, flush with the exertion and embarrassment of her predicament, to the rosy lips pressed together. The lust in his eyes grew as they settled upon her large breasts, their peaks tightening as a small breeze blew across where they stood. He searched lower, finding nothing which marred her soft body. Her stomach was flat, though with enough pliancy to mold her to his form, while the smooth curves of her hips begged him to glide his hands over their exposed flesh. The shapely thighs hid a most treasured place beneath the curls nestled between them, while her dainty feet stood solidly along the grassy ground beneath the two.

Seras shivered as the cloth dropped to the ground, her flesh bare to the cool night air and his hungry eyes. She could feel the tears start to rise once more in her eyes as she tried to bury herself in his cloak, both to retrieve warmth and hide her nude body. However, he continued to hold her at arms’ length, and she watched in fear as a smirk grew on his face. She covered her breasts with her small arms, quivering when the monster before her growled at his interrupted sight.

Alucard used his free hand to grab her wrists and wrench them from her body, causing a cry to escape her lips at the powerful grip. He loosened his grip slightly and released her waist, attempting to comfort and console his new pet. Though fear was a powerful and somewhat intoxicating scent, he much preferred the smell of arousal. Judging by the state of the young woman before him, he would indeed need to take care not to frighten her or his fun would be ruined.

Removing his cloak and placing the cloth on the ground, his eyes warily watching Seras, he gently reached out and took hold of her hips. He placed her upon the spread cloth and settled himself over her, keeping his weight on his arms. The growing heat of his length slid against her inner thigh, causing a gasp to escape her innocent lips. He smirked as his delicate nose finally caught a whiff of what he had been searching for; arousal.

Lifting himself to his knees, he quickly shed himself of his thick shirt and threw the cloth to the side. Then his boots were next, also being thrown into the darkness surrounding them. He watched as Seras’ eyes roamed across his muscled chest, her mouth opening slightly in surprise.

Seras blushed under his gaze, trying not to look at his own revealed body and failing miserably. He was perfectly formed, his abs nestled among the many ripples of flesh along his chiseled stomach. His lean arms hid their true strength, while a wisp of soft, dark hairs along his lower abdomen glistened in the soft moonlight. Finding enough willpower to turn her head from the sight, she concentrated on keeping her breathing controlled.

Alucard smirked at her obvious appraisal and liking for his form, once more leaning his weight on his elbows and nudging the neck revealed to him. He growled absently as Seras tried to move away from his ministrations, nipping at the skin with his fangs and producing small droplets of blood. He eagerly lapped up the tiny drops, enjoying the taste and realization that she was a virgin. The vampire would enjoy owning this one, with the innocence of her being radiating off her body in waves. Corruption of such rare kinds of humans always gave him such pleasure.

Seras shivered each time he brushed against her, the heat pooling between her legs increasing. She tried to stifle the moans from passing her lips, but failed when his own moved to her breasts. He slowly ran his tongue along the peaks before taking them into his hot mouth, suckling the sensitive skin. The tender fingernails on her hands tug into the dirt, a losing attempt to keep from rubbing them all over his smooth skin. However, her hips instinctively rose to meet his elevated hips, allowing his stiff length to brush her heated and wet core.

Alucard groaned as he felt her heat upon his member. With his patience all but spent, he pulled away from her body and stood. Removing his last article of clothing, he stood before her with heated eyes and a feral grin. Quickly covering her body with his, he positioned himself between her legs while his lips captured her own in a long kiss. The surprised gasp allowed his tongue to pass her lips and search her warm cavern, receiving a groan from her for his efforts. He growled happily as her own tongue responded to his, dueling inside her mouth for dominance.

Seras’ breath stopped completely when he settled himself at her opening, his stiff length pushing apart her folds. He slowly eased himself into her tight opening, stretching her walls with his thick member and forcing her hands to grip the ground from the small pain. She suddenly sensed him reach her barrier, the tip of him teasing her sign of virginity. She tore her mouth from his and screamed as she felt him break through her womanhood, blood slowly trickling from her opening. She let the tears fall freely as she tried to squirm away from his intrusive length, failing as he harshly grabbed her hips.

Alucard held as still as possible after he entered her, though her struggles to dislodge him nearly made him give in to the instinct to pound into her wet, warm channel. Her muscles were tight around his member, their tense walls pushing against his hardly buried manhood. He pushed deeper in a silent warning to stop her struggles, grinning as she stilled. But his enjoyment slid away as she turned her head away from his gaze, shutting her eyes and silently allowing tears to slide down her face. He frowned at her rejection of him, his pride and manner pricked at the obvious show of dislike for his forced taking of her.

Sighing, Alucard reluctantly pulled himself out of her and sat back on his heels, watching as her form shook. Apparently her body was demanding she give in to what he offered, but her will was too strong to allow primitive pleasures to brush aside the insult of rape.

Seras silently waited for him to begin, though confusion filled her thoughts as he merely withdrew and stared at her. She knew he still wished for her to beg, but the disgust at doing such a low act was degrading to what little self-pride she had.

Alucard suddenly snarled to himself, wondering if his sanity had truly left him if he cared what the small human felt. He would force her to beg even if he must place her on the verge of death. With a plan forming in his thoughts, he settled once more atop her small form and thrust into her channel. His lover cried out as he stretched her walls with his length, causing more blood to spill from her opening. The crimson in his eyes glowed in the darkness as he began thrusting in and out, jarring her small form and leaving rents in the earth where her fingers trailed. Quickly finding the position to be little to his liking, he pulled out and flipped her over.

Seras’ head rested on her right arm while the other was stretched out before her, giving her some balance in the awkward position. He roughly took hold of her waist and pulled her lower body up flush with his. Her scream was muffled into her arm as Alucard slammed into her once more, moving her body several inches before he grabbed her hips.

Alucard growled his pleasure at this new position which allowed him to thrust deeper, feeling her walls quake with his pounding. He was now burying himself to the hilt each time, their skins slapping against each other as his hips met her ass. The sudden urge to smell and taste her flesh and blood overwhelmed all other thought.

Seras felt him bend over her before she saw his hands settle around her. Those same hands suddenly lifted her from her position and she was placed on all fours, shivering as he began running his tongue over her neck and back. The sweat forming on her skin was quickly lapped up by his greedy tongue while she continued to hold her weight against the ground. Her body was now moving of its own accord, meeting his thrusts with her own and increasing the friction between their bodies.

“Will you beg?” Alucard whispered into her ear, his voice husky from the restrained lust.

Seras quickly shook her head several times, not trusting to voice her objection. Though her body was screaming at her to give in to his demands and sate her own needs, she wouldn’t let him have the pleasure of her enjoyment. He had taken away what was hers and she had no intention of appeasing such a heartless monster. Her mind and body would remain in disagreement until he released her.

“Good” he whispered, surprising the young woman beneath him. Alucard pulled his slick cock from her folds and settled himself back down on the ground beside her still propped up form. With the freedom of him no longer pummeling into her, she collapsed to the soft grass and attempted to build a stronger wall in her mind to push against the next barrage she knew would come. He had yet to release himself and would not be satisfied until then.

Alucard’s mind thrilled at the stubborn nature of the girl next to him. She was indeed a challenge for his will and one equal to his strength of mind. Her ability to withhold herself from his pleasures was astonishing and merely encouraged his eagerness to hear his name pass her lips in ecstasy. A low chuckle passed his lips as the servant rolled to her back, resting on the crushed grass and attempting to rein in her breathing. A sudden idea came upon his mind and he slowly rose to a sitting position, staring at the girl with a smirk.

Seras stiffened as Alucard slowly moved himself closer to her, placing one hand on each side of her head while his body remained next to her side. He looked at her for a moment, the lust still deep in his eyes but somewhat abated. Then his hard body moved over hers, covering her shivering body and resting his manhood between her thighs. She nearly whimpered at the feel of his stiff, heated length entering her slowly. Unbidden, a low moan escaped her lips as his entire manhood brushed against her sensitive clit, sending small shivers through her body as he pushed himself into her channel.

Alucard grinned at her sounds of pleasure, slowly pulling out and pushing back in, mindful to hit her clit each time. He gently settled his weight back upon her, nuzzling her neck and carefully nipping at the sensitive flesh. His hands roamed across her body, paying special attention to her breasts as they massaged the orbs. He groaned as she arched into his touch, her actions causing his thrusts to deepen.

Why is he being so gentle? Seras thought confusedly, trying not to react to his comforting actions. She would have cursed her traitorous body for leaning into his ministrations if the feel of him sliding deeper within her had not sent a heated wave to her brain. The young woman knew she was losing control but she no longer cared, the soft touches and careful actions of the monster above her sending her mind to damnation. She slowly took her hands from the grass and hesitantly began to slide them along his back, smiling as she felt him shiver.

Alucard’s still heart rejoiced as he felt her give in to his sensual strokes and he released a low growl, the sound more like a purr and comforting the female beneath him. He brushed his male nipples against her own, moving in rhythm with his gentle thrusts as more sweet moans escaped her lips.

Seras shifted her body impatiently, the pace he was moving being too slow for her liking. She raised her hips, bucking them against his length as he pushed in.

Sensing her eagerness, Alucard reluctantly stopped his movements around and in her body. He held as still as possible, ignoring his male desire to appease the female’s silent request. He had yet to hear her beg him and he knew now was the last chance to coax her before he lost control. As he heard a small whimper from beneath him, he grinned and lifted his body off of hers.

“Beg me” he panted, beginning to withdraw himself from her folds. “I want to hear you beg” he growled.

Seras whimpered as she felt his heat leave her, the cold companion of night taking his place. He had asked her to beg, humble herself before his form in order to pleasure them both. She stroked one of his hands, trying to distract him from the question. A low growl escaped his lips at the touch and she shivered at the need evident in the sound. He wanted this as much as her, wishing to find completion within her body. But only if she wanted him to.

“Please” she whispered, arching her body toward his as a sign of submission.

Alucard needed no other encouragement, thrusting his stiff length as deeply as he could into her tight channel. He growled loudly as she began a fast pace, meeting her hips in perfect rhythm. His breath came out in pants as he once more settled himself over her warm body, his arms tightly wrapping around her. He ran his tongue over the juncture of her neck and shoulder, being wary not to puncture the skin with his teeth; at least, not yet.

Seras wrapped her hands around his shoulders and flung her head back, her moans quickly turning into high-pitched yells. She dug her nails into his skin as a tightness began to form between her legs, increasing with each slap of his sex against her walls. Her hips began bucking against his, trying to pull him deeper into her with each wild thrust.

Alucard’s eyes deepened to a dark red as he bit into her neck, his tongue lapping greedily at the blood pouring forth. He heard her scream his name to the night as his bite sent her over the edge. Her muscles squeezed his length, begging him to join her in the ecstasy. His manhood shuddered with her release as he grunted into the flesh of her neck. Then with one final thrust he came, burying himself to the hilt and filling her with his seed.

Seras’ form became limp under him, both because of the orgasm and Alucard’s feeding. She could still feel him suckling blood from the fresh wounds, but she had neither the strength nor the wish to stop him. She felt as if his hands were caressing her body once more, sweeping gently over her curves and cupping her breasts. When dizziness began to overtake her vision, he suddenly stopped his ministrations to her neck

Pulling himself from her sheath, Alucard sat up and lifted Seras’ body against his. Resting her on one leg and cradling her head in the nape of his neck, he bit open his wrist.

“Drink” he softly spoke, gently pressing the bleeding wound to her mouth.

Seras stared into his eyes as she took his wrist in her mouth, nearly choking as the blood flowed down her throat. She carefully settled on a pace as the liquid’s taste covered her mind, centering her world around his wrist and the blood filling her body with the craving for more. She reluctantly allowed him to gently pull away his wrist and settled her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes as a strange drowsiness overcame her body. She welcomed the comforting sleep, knowing when she would awaken he would still be there.

Alucard watched as she slipped into the sleep of death, her face smoothing and the tips of her fangs peering out over her lip. He lifted his new bride into his arms, his clothes appearing on his body at will. Turning toward the fortress towering in the background, a grin crept on his lips as he took flight.

His castle had been empty of late, and the girl he held in his arms would be fun to play with.