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His Persephone

An untroubled day like any other lay about the world, the wind blowing upon a floating figure comforting and obedient to his tastes. He leisurely traveled across the sky, caring little his destination and merely scanning the area before him with slight interest. The god had decided to leave his domain, an urge upon him to suddenly explore; possibility to try out his reacquired arm upon a certain hanyou.

However, reaching deep into the forest akin to his lands he came upon a curious sight. One of his brother’s companions, the smaller female of the group. Her beauty caught his eyes as she sat in the center of a small field, oblivious to her watcher and seeming to glow with the power surrounding her. The god gazed upon the goddess of nature, for such were mikos, her dark hair loose around her shoulders and humming happily among the flowers. He had stumbled upon a child of nature, her beauty shining in the field of mother earth as his soul reached out to claim her. For a moment, though, he held back, thinking upon the possibilities of such a union. Only one flaw could he see upon the goddess, and such a simple task to reach the utter perfection within her.

The goddess screamed as she suddenly felt her feet leave the ground, looking up to her abductor with terror as she recognized the golden yellow eyes. She pounded her small fists against his chest, yelling for her friends even as the field faded in the distance. Yet her companions had come in time to see her capture, to know who had taken her from them, and they had need of a plan to approach the god and rescue their goddess. Heedless following would surely result in her death and so they sat, though one reluctantly, and gathered their thoughts together.

The god took his prize to his large domain, the goddess docile in his arm with fear and wonder. He deposited her within one of the many spacious rooms, leaving her without a word to attend to the matter of perfection. Occasionally he would peer into her sanctum when she was preoccupied, seeing her well and without discomfort. Within a few days, however, he grew worried over her state.

The goddess began to wilt within the confines of her prison.

She lacked for nothing save company in the keep of the god, yet she felt trapped and starved for she knew not what. The doors to her room remained locked and food arrived within her chambers only whilst she slept. She had thus far been able to refuse the food offered but her will was growing weak along with her body. She worried for her friends who had been left behind, hoping their safety was kept without her help. The single balcony offered her only solace, staring out upon the lush fields with a longing almost akin to pain.

The god observed her watchful gaze, knowing what she wished more than she herself, and realized he would need to release her for her survival. His youkai rejected the idea of her leaving him but his mind had thought of a plan, one most agreeable to both and which even now was coming to bloom.

The goddess arose one morning, like the others before, and as the others she routinely checked the doors to her confinement with false hope. However, to her shock they opened upon her tugging, allowing her partial escape from the room. She stepped into the silent corridor with some apprehension, looking down both ends to see no one. With both curiosity and fear she crept down the hall, peering around her for signs of others and growing more worried when a soul did not appear.

Finally she came upon two high doors, both intricately carved and showing what she recognized as the symbol for the House of Inu; the large, white inuyoukai. Slowly pressing her small hands upon the wood, the goddess pushed open the portals and peered cautiously into the room. Her vision beheld a large library, cases upon cases lining the walls. Books were stacked meticulously within their appointed shelves while a large desk and chair stood before a grand window. Upon the imposing desk sat many papers and a simple bowl of fruit, the food capturing her attention immediately. She had not fed for so many days and the hunger was almost unbearable; possibly one bite of an apple could do no harm.

Walking over to the desk and taking the fruit in hand, the goddess peered over the delectable apple with some suspicion. She trusted little her captor, though his lack of demands and threats for her life so far had thus confused her. Shrugging her shoulders and assuming he would not poison his own bowl of fruit, she took a hearty bite and swallowed the piece with enjoyment. However, her joy was short-lived as the world around her began to spin, the apple dropping from her hands as she sank to her knees. The goddess held her head in her hands, feeling her eyes grow heavy as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her in a comfortable hold.

The god watched as the goddess’ eyes closed, her breathing comforting to his ears as he carried her back to her chambers. He gently placed her on the bed and grinned widely at her serene face, brushing a hand across her cheek as he suddenly sensed many presences approaching his domain. Her friends had come and with a snarl he greeted them at the gates of his keep, three pleading her release even as one threatened the god with death by the hands of a sword. He humored them all, retrieving the goddess from her room where she had remained slumbering peacefully. Taking her to them, he held her against his chest as he gave one simple command.

“She belongs to me when the moon shines full. Bring her to my lands during the time I speak” he ordered coldly, his eyes penetrating each with a scalding touch.

Her group nodded eagerly, the simple request welcomed and accepted. Taking the goddess they quickly left and journeyed out of the god’s lands, waking their friend and continuing on their search. However, the companions made a solemn oath between them concerning the god’s order. They decided to flee far from the god during the time he had spoken, to protect their friend from what they knew not.

But none betrayed a god without penalty.

Many days passed from their departure of the god, and the night of the full moon was now coming upon them as they sat around the fire in tense silence. Each waited with baited breath as the sun began its descent below the hills and the moon took its place in the sky. The goddess especially seemed restless, sitting barefoot atop her sleeping bag and shifting with nervousness. As the last rays of the bright orb disappeared from the land a gasp was heard from among them, all turning to their friend with concern. What the group saw caused both fear and worry to flare in their expressions.

The goddess was writhing upon her bag, her hands clutching at her clothes as her eyes were shut tight in pain. The spectators watched in horror as she violently rolled to her stomach, her nails digging into the ground beneath as flesh upon her exposed back began rippling. She screamed as her skin suddenly tore apart at the base of her spine, a midnight black tail emerging from her lower back and spreading out behind her. Her ears grew into points while her teeth pushed farther out from her gums, elongating into deadly fangs dripping with her own blood. Her breasts swelled, the weight breaking the straps and clasps as they fell loose beneath her shirt. Her hands grew into sharp claws, poison burning the skin within her fingers before sacs covered the toxic chemicals. The skin and muscles of her body cracked and stretched as she lengthened upon the ground, the curves of her hips filling out as the muscles upon her legs and arms tightened with strength.

Then only the loud panting of the goddess was heard, her friends having stepped away from her and were now gaping with shocked expressions. A loud growl caused a tremor to run through the group as she slowly stood on shaky legs, her ruined panties and bra falling to the ground.

She turned to them, her eyes no longer the gentle blue but a heated amber. She growled lowly, moving her gaze from one to the other with indecision. The world around her offered bountiful pleasures to her palate, nature overflowing with the rich source of blood she so craved now. Before her lay many delicacies, each inviting her to taste, but the young one would remain untouched. She held a special attachment to him and had no wish to harm the quivering child. Stepping toward them she grinned at the wave of fear which came from the three; the emotion would only add spice to her meal.

Then she stiffened as a new presence was made known to her senses. A white figure appeared at the edge of the clearing, imposingly standing with apparent disregard to her wish to feed. She snarled at his lack of fear and care, her own thoughts filtering with intimidation toward the cold eyes staring at her with a fixed gaze. He was not like the others, would not scare so easily, and she grinned at the challenge of besting him in battle.

The god watched her with amused and pleased eyes, sweeping his golden orbs over her form with pleasure. Her friends had disobeyed him and should be punished with their lives, but he would not let her stain her hands with the blood of her friends. Such a pure soul would not survive with the knowledge she had lost control and murdered her friends.

No, he would do the killing for her.

With his godlike speed he came upon the smallest of the group, snatching the child within his claws and standing a ways from the others. He would kill the whimpering kitsune first, knowing the others would feel more pain at being unable to save the one more in need of protection. However, a deep growl from the goddess caught his attention and he turned to her with some curiosity, intent on finding what vexed her so.

Within his movements the god suddenly found himself holding naught, the child gone from his grasp as if the wind had carried him away. Looking to the goddess, however, he noted the child within her jaws, being held by the scruff of his clothing with a terrified expression upon his face. Then did the god understand the attachment his goddess held for the kitsune and was well pleased with her willingness to protect what she saw as her own.

He grinned, ignoring the cries of her friends for answers, and slowly approached the goddess. She began backing away from him with her precious cargo gently held in her fangs, apparently sensing his stronger aura and knowing she could not beat him. As one would a wild beast he stopped within a few feet and held out his hand to her, speaking to her quietly but with a firm voice.

“Come to me, little mate.”

The goddess was in indecision. The god before her was one of her own kind, but he was not her mate and he had tried to harm her pup. What reason had she to trust him after his actions and basing her beliefs upon his word alone? But looking into his eyes, their depths mesmerizing and almost gentle, she stood to her full height and gently cradled the terrified pup in her arms. With a soft stroke of her hand across his cheek and a quiet whine he stilled, a shaky smile coming upon his lips.

The attentions the goddess showed to the pup caused a low growl of approval to rise from the god’s lips, catching the attention of her amber eyes back upon him. With a final look between his outstretched hand and patient gaze, she stepped toward him and settled her palm against his own; the final trusting gesture.

With great speed the god created his cloud beneath their feet, flying high into the darkened air even beyond what the hanyou could jump. He turned their destination toward his domain as he pulled the goddess close to him, watching as she hugged the pup to her to comfort his soft whimpering. The kitsune soon fell into slumber in the warm arms of his adoptive mother even as the view of his keep came upon their vision.

The god gently set them down upon the courtyard, a few of the servants coming to greet him as they stared in wonder at the goddess. Her pup was carefully handed to another female, strict orders upon his comfort given with death as failure. The goddess watched with worry as the sleeping form was taken from her sight, whimpering quietly. The other servants were dismissed quickly as he wound his arms around the distraught mother, nuzzling his nose into her smooth neck.

He led her slowly into the halls of his keep, taking her to his chambers and shutting the doors tight behind them. When he looked to the goddess his breath was slightly caught in wonder and eagerness. She stood in front of a large window, her shapely form outlined by the full moon and her clothes covering little for his greedy eyes. Her slim legs shone against the moonlight while her breasts hung loosely beneath her small shirt, the shortened cloth showing the bare skin of her smooth stomach. Her furred tail slid seductively against the floor as her hair seemed to flow with her movements, her deep amber eyes turning to his own. His beast would wait no longer as he lost himself in its passion, catching the goddess about the waist and pulling her to the bed.

He crushed her mouth to his own in a possessive kiss, his fangs nipping at her moist lips as he tasted her blood for the first time. His youkai howled at the sweet nectar, his tongue delving into her hot cavern to catch the drops which slid teasingly into her mouth. His claws quickly shredded the remains of her clothing, allowing his hands to freely roam her body. He cupped her full breasts in his palms, scraping the peaks with his claws as his mouth moved to suckle the skin of her smooth neck. Their tails wrapped around one another as their owners writhed on the bed, pulling each other taut and sliding along the length of one another.

The goddess growled her pleasure and tangled her hands in his hair, hissing as he bit at the tender flesh of her collar. She whimpered as his tongue slid down to her pert breasts, swirling and teasing each of the tips with his heated breath. A howl was ripped from her throat at the sensation of his mouth enclosing over her nipple, her claws digging into his head to keep him in place. He bit and suckled roughly, growling softly as his hands slid down her body to cup the nest of curls between her thighs. The goddess rubbed her aching core against his petting fingers, panting and whimpering as he pinched the nub poking out from her wet lips.

The god became impatient as his erection became painful, feeling the wetness of her soak through his hakama. He removed his hands and ground his throbbing length against her heated core, snarling as the goddess bucked against him. Hearing an angered growl beneath him he found himself suddenly naked above his goddess, her hands flinging away the last of his annoying cloths as she wrapped her slim legs around his waist. Her hands firmly grasped his bare cheeks and she pulled his throbbing length against her tight core, whimpering her wish for him to enter.

The god growled and thrust deeply into her sheath, breaking through her virginity with a howl of elation at being her first. The goddess shed only a few tears at the pain as the pleasure swiftly returned, engulfing her in its sweet embrace as she rocked hard against her lover. He jerked his hips against hers at the sudden deepening penetration, beginning to thrust fast into her welcoming heat. Her tight walls clenched around his engorged length as she found his speed, matching and pleading for more. He complied by rising to his knees and grabbing her hips, lifting them up and pounding deeper into her vibrating core. The sensations wrapped around them both as their muscles began twitching, the sounds of slapping flesh and grunts growing louder with each moment.

Soon the goddess was thrown into heaven, her world exploding with release as her fluids flooded over her lover’s still thrusting sword. She arched her back as her scream of pleasure rent the air, her claws digging into the sheets beneath as her hips wildly bucked against her mate’s. Her pulsing muscles pushed the god into his own paradise as his seed was squeezed from his willing length, throwing back his head and howling his conquest to the world. He swiftly leaned down and bit deeply into his mate’s neck, branding her with his mark as her delicious blood filled his mouth.

The immortals collapsed against one another, both panting as the god growled his pleasure of their lovemaking. The goddess whimpered in agreement, feeling drowsy from the exertion and closing her eyes to rest. Soon the male rolled to his back, keeping himself within her sheath as he straddled her atop him. He softly petted her hair as a purring soothed her to slumber, his plan coming to its end. Soon she would be heavy with child, birthing even as her transformation completed. Her body would remain the perfection he sought while her gentle nature emerged to control her mind. She would be his goddess of the dark with the pure soul of nature.

His Persephone.