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Faust's Seduction

Why is Master making me do this? Seras Victoria grumbled. She stood in her room, clothed only in her undergarments and sporting a frown. The young vampire was looking warily at several objects lying in front of her.

Seras’ mind wandered back to a few hours before, when the sun had set and she had emerged from her coffin. Walter had come in at the usual time, carrying with him the usual blood bag and a long clothing box. She had looked at the container with curiosity and then confusion as he had set the box down upon her table.

“Lord Alucard has commanded me to deliver your costume for this evening” he said, noticing her expression.

“But I already have a costume” she answered, pointing to a simple dress lying across the lone chair in her room. The costume was less than glamorous, but Seras had little choice. She did not leave the Hellsing compound and could only manage to find a costume among the chests in the attic. She had thought to go as a simple peasant girl or servant, being the most obvious occupations for one dressed as such. Though the irony of playing a servant did not go unnoticed by her...

“He insisted you wear what he chose for you” Walter persisted, aware of what implications a refusal would bring. “Lord Alucard also gave me a message to deliver. You are only to answer to the name ‘Marguerite’ and only to call him “Mephistopheles,’ not Master.” A knowing smile appeared on the retainer’s face, showing he knew more than he was willing to tell.

Seras looked at Walter for a moment, wondering if her master had truly gone insane. She had never heard those names uttered, giving little meaning to the titles. Then as the orders sank into her mind she pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and starring angrily at the innocent box. She finally let out a long sigh, lifting the box in her arms and giving Walter a small smile.

“Thank you for bringing it” she spoke, a sign of end to their conversation.

The retainer smiled back and bowed, leaving the young vampire to attend to other matters of importance.

Seras settled down in her chair, her eyes looking over the box she held. She would have gladly declined such a suspicious present, but one obstacle lay in her path. The elder vampire would have been greatly displeased with her blatant, and quite obviously unkind, refusal. Alucard was her master, and she could do nothing to go against his wishes. Though the blood feud they’d had since she was turned was an exception to the rule, being based more on morals than the wish to be disobedient.

Returning to the present situation, Seras looked at the now open box lying on her closed coffin lid. She had removed the contents from the container and, after holding them out before her, had set them side by side along the bed. An elegant 18th century dress lay before her, the red silk shimmering in the single light from the ceiling. The front was opened, showing a tight bodice with adorned string running along the breast. The inner outfit under the bodice was one piece, wrapping around her form with the cloth reaching from the neck to the floor. Ruffled sleeves ended at her elbows while several inches of cloth were folded back, creating a suitable imitation for the curves of her small arms. A thin gown covered the entire ensemble, folds rippling down the length and adding to the appearance of a smooth body.

Seras turned her attention to the last article of clothing. A small pair of scarlet dancing shoes lay next to the dress, soft fur running along the top from toes to heel. The soles were made of a tough leather, apparently meant for an entire evening of merriment. She carefully took the shoes in hand, noticing the size was her own. They would fit her perfectly, including the dress, but she still had dark thoughts lingering in her mind. Gifts from Alucard were nonexistent, much less ones as treasured as these.

Sighing, Seras shook off her thoughts and proceeded to dress. The chore occupied a considerable amount of time, she having struggled with the tight bodice over her breasts, and the ball was about to commence when she rushed out her door wearing the thankfully comfortable shoes. Climbing the stairs and turning to her left, she slowed to a slow stroll as to not attract unwanted attention. She shyly blushed at the many people strolling about, each waiting in anticipation for the opening of the ballroom doors.

Seras wandered along the wall until she suddenly brushed against a solid arm.

“I’m sorry” she said, turning toward the person. Her blush deepened as her crimson eyes stared at the figure before her.

Alucard was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and his glasses and hat removed. He wore a black silk jacket, the material opening at mid-chest and showing the ruffles of a bleach white shirt. His customary trousers were replaced with a pair of dark silk pants, the cloth slightly loose around his legs but growing tighter as the seams ran up his lean thighs. He still wore his gloves with the binding runes imprinted upon them, the colors contrasting against his golden cufflinks and white-frilled wrists. The entire ensemble fit his body perfectly, accentuating his hardened muscles and slim waist. He had also lengthened his hair, allowing the dark silk tresses to travel past his shoulders to his mid back.

“Master” she whispered, stepping back from the elder vampire.

Alucard smirked and pushed off from his position, swiftly taking the few steps over to his fledgling. Standing before her, he leaned down and inhaled her sweet scent. Brushing his lips against her ear sent a delicious chill down Seras’ body, making her shiver.

“Mephistopheles, my dear Marguerite” he said, a low chuckle following his words.

Seras had little to think of his twisted form of humor, but she quickly dropped her head and nodded her understanding. She turned her attention toward the other guests who were still milling about the hall. The young woman watched as Integra, having been forced into a dress by Walter, politely talked to each of them. Seras knew the Hellsing heartily disliked these proceedings to the annual Hellsing Halloween Ball, but she could do little stop the tradition which had began during the time of her grandfather.

Then the clock struck ten, signaling the commencement of the festivities. Integra walked over to the far wall, a large crowd of eager couples behind her, and swiftly opened the massive wooden doors which led to the ballroom. The young knight entered the great room with the guests in close pursuit, emptying the hall in a matter of minutes.

Seras, still standing near the wall, could hear the appraised whispers from where she stood and nervously wondered if she should join the merriment. An arm suddenly appeared in her vision, and the young vampire’s eyes climbed the appendage to see Alucard’s grinning face. She gave a small smile and took his arm in her own, allowing him to accompany her to the ballroom.

Alucard smirked at the confusion written on his child’s face when he had offered his arm, his eyes flashing with a dark joy. This game would indeed be interesting, the re-enactment of the forgotten tale playing out for the evening. But he had a much different ending in mind for this story.

Seras gasped as they entered the huge ballroom. The high ceiling shone in the lights from the dozens of chandeliers littering the air, supported in their position by thick, elegantly carved poles attached to the overhead. Light wooden panels covered all four walls, glistening in the soft glows and showing off their fine finish. A large bar had been constructed in a corner, serving every drink imaginable and many more she could not hope to guess. But the dazzling dance floor shone out among the rest, its soft wood floor promising a long night of entertainment.

The guests merely stared at the wondrous surroundings for several minutes, each commenting on the impressive work Integra had done. Then with a command from the Hellsing, the small orchestra situated in a corner began to play a slow waltz, leading the couples to congregate to the center of the room, while the more elder personages and ones without partners parted way for the dancers.

“Care for a dance?” Alucard suddenly asked, stepping in front of Seras and bowing slightly.

“I can’t dance, Ma-Mephistopheles” Seras muttered, catching herself at the last moment. In actuality she had never attempted such a venture, fearing the jeers of her former police academy companions. She was also astonished he had asked her to do such with him.

“Do not worry my little Marguerite, I will show you” he whispered, catching hold of her hands.

Seras blushed and nodded her consent, allowing him to lead her to the dance floor. Many of the couples surrounding them gave a look toward the two vampires, but quickly resumed their own merriment.

Alucard grinned, pleased at her willingness to play his game. Gliding to the back of the room near where the windows looked out upon the spacious rear yard, he gently stopped and slid his left hand around her waist. He nearly chuckled when she stiffened at the contact, but held himself and allowed a larger grin to cover his face. Placing their right palms against each other, he raised them to the level of Seras’ shoulder and took a step closer to her.

Seras nearly tumbled backwards when her master closed the distance between them, the sudden nearness making her uneasy. Their clothing was now brushing against each other, leaving barely enough room to allow movement. Then Alucard began to move slowly, swaying back and forth in time to the waltz being played. She looked down and studied his feet, doing her best to imitate his own steps. A smile graced her mouth when she succeeded in mimicking her master’s dance, and she felt bold enough to start turning in a circular motion.

Alucard smirked at the eagerness of his young pupil, allowing her to lead as they began to mingle among the other dancers. However, he made sure to keep them close to the windows, and the opened doors which led out onto the lawn.

After the waltz had finished and another begun, Seras stepped away from her partner, believing the dance to have ceased. To her surprise Alucard did not release his grip; rather, he tightened his hold on her waist and once more began to follow the music. She eagerly complied with his silent command, stepping into the dance. They continued their enjoyment for the better part of an hour until Seras finally pleaded fresh air, disliking the smells her heightened senses registered.

Noticing the availability of the opened doors, Seras left her companion and walked outside to stand in the cool night air. Peering up, she smiled at the beautiful sight before her. The moon shone brightly against the starlit sky, casting shadows among the many trees dotting the lawn. She turned her head to the right and looked to the clump of trees, the massive oaks signaling the beginning of the woods surrounding the impressive yard.

Alucard silently watched her exit the grand ballroom, a feral grin crossing his face for a moment. He led his steps after his fledgling, careful not to alert her to his presence until he wished. Nearly standing beside her, he noticed her thoughts were lost in the beauty of the night.

“Care for a walk, my Marguerite?” he asked, offering his arm once more to the small female beside him.

Seras jumped as she heard the sound of her Master’s voice next to where she stood, wondering why he found amusement in such childish antics.

“All right” she answered, tentatively taking the arm in hers.

Alucard slowly began to lead her toward the large stand of trees, his plan working out perfectly.

Seras did not bother to notice which way he led her, her mind and body feeling comfortable in the presence of her sire. She had never known him to be so kind to her, nor to give his attention toward her for so long. Perhaps she had done something right in his eyes, but she could think of no such action which could have pleased her master.

Seras was so deep in her thoughts she neglected to notice where he had led here. Looking up, she realized they had wandered along the dirt path which led deep into the woods behind the Hellsing Manor. Turning her head to peer behind them, she could neither see nor hear the gay lights nor sounds of the ball. Facing forward, the young vampire noted a marble bench in a natural forest recess next to the path and idly wondered why such an object lay nestled so deep within the woods. Few people ventured into the large grove of trees, mainly because the area was made for a natural barrier and therefore was quite wild. Other than the path they were now strolling upon, she knew of no other route through the dense jungle interior. Seras looked up into her master’s face, her questioning eyes finding his own amused ones.

Alucard suddenly stopped their progression, moving so he now stood before her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her toward him, enjoying the small ‘eep’ from her dainty mouth. Her head and hands instinctively settled on his chest while her entire body became rigged, stiffening against his tall form.

“Master!” she squeaked, a blush crossing her face.

Alucard chuckled and leaned down to her ear.

“Have you forgotten our little game so quickly?” he asked, his voice sensually low. “Mephistopheles, my dear Marguerite.”

Seras gasped as she felt the bulge through his soft pants, shutting her eyes from the sensations the touch caused within her. Her cheeks became heated as her lower body began responding to his obvious desire, her folds soaking themselves in her sweet juices. She trembled in his steel grip, wishing he would both let her go and keep her to him.

“Mephistopheles” she slowly repeated, willing herself to relax in his arms.

Alucard grinned widely at her responsive motions, slowly guiding her to the marble bench. Reaching the seating area, he turned so Seras now had her back to the large slab. Gently he lowered her onto the platform, himself kneeling before her trembling frame. Seeing her shut eyes and flushed face, he ran a gloved hand down her cheek.

Seras stilled as Alucard reached up and glided his hand along the side of her face; a small gesture of comfort. She opened her eyes and stared into the face of her master, his own red orbs burning brightly in the dark night. Slowly, she began to nuzzle the fingers affectionately, thankful for his bit of difference toward her well-being. She allowed his hand to run across her chin but stiffened as it trailed lower, the warmth between her legs flaring up again as his fingers danced along the skin of her neck. Brushing the cloth covering her breasts, her breath hitched and she grabbed his wandering hand.

Alucard chuckled at her sudden action, slowly complying with her wish and withdrawing his hand. The loss of the interaction meant little, for he had other fun to try...

Seras watched with some fear as Alucard’s eyes began to glow in the darkened woods, placing her hands on the bench and pushing herself away from him. She nearly screamed when he roughly grabbed her hips, stopping her progress back. A low growl echoed in his throat, sending shivers through her body and increasing the ache in her stomach.

Alucard slowly let his hands travel down her silk dress, his grip loosening only slightly over the fine material. Reaching her ankles, he began to slide his fingers back up, dragging the dress with them. He gave another warning growl when she tried to jerk away, proceeding forward with a stronger grip on her smooth legs. He could feel his member harden more as her flesh was exposed to his eyes, a low purr now rumbling through his chest.

Seras watched mesmerized as Alucard slowly lifted the thin dress above her knees, her thighs. Her breathing completely stopped when the folds were pushed up over her hips, exposing her lace thong to his eyes. She gripped the bench tightly and gave a soft whine as he merely knelt before her, neither speaking nor moving.

Alucard looked at the one object blocking his path with hatred, his mouth curving down in a snarl. Moving his head between her thighs, he ignored her surprised cry as he took the cloth in his teeth and ripped the clothing from her body. Flinging the nuisance from his mouth, he looked hungrily at the center of her heat. Her folds were already slick and he could smell the perfumed aroma of her flower. His body screamed at him to have a taste. Dipping his head, he slowly ran a tongue along her entrance, inwardly laughing as the virgin above him moaned in response.

Seras clutched his head toward her, her body rocking violently with the pleasure between her legs. She nearly screamed when he again slowly stroked his tongue over her center, quivering under his masterful touches. Her breathing evolved into pants as she tried to control the sensations rolling over her in hot waves, sweat beginning to form on her brow. The virgin vampire could feel an unfamiliar but wonderful tightening in her lower regions. She eagerly began stroking Alucard’s pale neck, pushing him on to increase the friction of his tongue along her heated core.

Alucard passionately lapped at her clit, dragging one of his hands from her hip and beginning to stroke her entrance. Slipping two fingers into her tight channel, he slowly began pumping them in and out of her slick passage. He quickened the pace as he felt her hips move in rhythm with his fingers, releasing his other hand from her waist and stroking her leg.

Seras moaned and rocked in unison to Alucard’s motions within her, her pitch increasing with each thrust of her hips. When she felt she could take no more, he suddenly stopped and pulled away. She whimpered at the loss of sensation, opening her glazed eyes and looking at the master vampire with confusion.

Alucard smirked at her needy sounds, raising himself from his position and taking her once more in his arms. He quickly sat down on the bench, settling Seras down in his lap so her legs straddled his own. Her dress was still pulled over her hips and her heated center came in contact with his restricted member, forcing a moan from his mouth. He let go of her waist and grabbed the band of his pants, quickly releasing his aching length. Pulling her closer to him, the elder vampire began to rub his head against her slick entrance. He felt her arms slide around his shoulders, instinctively preparing for the first thrust.

Seras flung her head back and screamed as she felt him thrust through her maidenhood, the pain shooting through her body and making her tense around him. She tightened her hold on his shoulders, settling her forehead against his chest as she whimpered into his shirt.

“So...tight” Alucard growled through clenched teeth, clutching her closer. Her walls milked his length, messaging him and heating his blood with lust.

Seras whimpered in response, the heat of his length causing her hips to instinctively rock against his legs. She threw her head back again and screamed as Alucard suddenly thrust up, pushing his stiff member deeper into her channel. The young woman felt breath on her neck and the sudden puncture of her master’s teeth into her skin, a small gasp escaping her lips as the sensations of his kiss filled her body. He began suckling at the blood flowing from the wound, causing her to moan to the silent night. She slammed her hips against his as she felt his hands slide along the sensitive skin of her thighs, gripping her ass and squeezing the mounds of flesh.

Alucard moaned into her neck as Seras began a slow, torturous pace, taking his member in only to pull back. He growled and grabbed her hips, taking control of the pace and thrusting quickly into her welcoming folds. Their skins slapped together as a light sheen of sweat formed on their bodies, allowing their flesh to slide easily against each other. He could feel his muscles tightening as he reached his peak, her walls beginning to spasm around him as the first of her tremors threatened to overwhelm her. The friction of their bodies was increasing with their combined thrusts, bringing them both to the brink of oblivion.

Seras met each of his thrusts with one of her own, hissing as she heard the sound of skin meeting. She could feel the tightening once more in her lower regions, his member thrusting into her and brushing against her clit. Then the tremors started, breaking her concentration and forcing her to hold onto her lover as he used his vampiric speed to pound deep into her body. Her body suddenly tightened as a scream erupted from her mouth, white spots dancing across her vision as she felt herself arch into his body.

Alucard roared as Seras’ orgasm came around his member, clutching him with her midian strength and stopping his thrusts. He felt his hot seed spill into her eager womb, his body tightening until he felt his bones would break from the strain. Finally he breathed a shaky sigh as he sensed her body relax against his, her inner walls releasing his member. His child’s exhausted form slumped against his chest, her breathing heavy and her eyes closed. He felt as she slipped into sleep, her breathes evening and her hands coming around to hug her closer to him.

“This time, Mephistopheles did succeed” he whispered to the air, a smirk on his lips.