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Nov 28

Wow, long time

It’s been a while, and I truly didn’t mean to leave the site alone with long. A site without supervision is dangerous. The good news is I have plans for this site, I just don’t know what they are yet. Stay tuned for more updates before the year is out!

Feb 26

And Here We Go!

As promised some weeks past, the site has a new design.

Most importantly, I was informed of all the errors rampant throughout the design, graphic, and resource sections, and have subsequently fixed all mistakes on the part of my coding skills. I’ve also managed to upload a new design created through the use of a Code Geass image.

I hope you enjoy the wider layout style and the new design addition. Next up, cleaning out the links section.

And one last important announcement: checking through my affiliates I found one had wandered off the net. After some deliberation I’ve decided to open affiliation for new internet allies. Feel free to apply after reading some basic rules.

Feb 15

New Look Coming

I finally have a new monitor for my computer which will help me greatly with my layout designing colors (most of which appear to be horrible). I’ve also realized how narrow my site’s layout really is for most standard sized layouts (1600×900+) so I’m making up a new one to compliment the coming splurge of downloadable designs I’m making.

Hopefully I’ll get all this done within the week.